Casa Milà in Barcelona had the first underground parking lot

I recently visited Barcelona, Spain, and had the chance to see Casa Milà, one of Gaudí’s remarkable architectural creations. I learned that Gaudí originally planned to include ramps for residents to drive directly to their apartments, even on the higher floors. However, this innovative idea was rejected, and the ramps were repurposed into the world’s first underground parking facility.

Show this to people who say form and function can’t overlap! Useful things can be artistic too

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Who knew even ramps could reach new heights… or depths, in this case!

Those apartment balconies have such a wild design, I thought a flock of pigeons had gathered there at first glance! Definitely an eccentric architectural choice that’s got me fascinated.

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The idea of driving straight to your house sounds appealing. Sign me up for that!

Actually, Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, is famous for its innovative design by Antoni Gaudí, but it doesn’t have the first underground parking lot. The building primarily served as a residential apartment building when it was completed in 1912. Underground parking lots as we know them today didn’t become common until much later in the 20th century.

Today’s architects could learn a lot by studying this design. So many of our contemporary buildings are so unattractive.