How do roses, like the one in the picture, get their bright red color, and what things around them can change how red they look?

Today, while I was walking in the park, I came across this beautiful, bright red rose. As I looked at it, I started wondering how roses get their vibrant red color. I know some flowers are different colors, but what makes this one so red? Are there special things inside the flower that create the color? Also, do things around the rose, like the weather, soil, or how much sunlight it gets, change how red it looks? I’m curious to learn more about what makes this rose so striking and if anything in its environment affects its color.

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I am sure there are some biochemicals in roses that trigger such bright red colors (sorry, I don’t know its name). But I know that the brightness of the red color of roses depends on a few environmental factors, including the pH of the soil where the plant grows.

Lovely picture, btw.

A family of pigments called anthocyanins give roses their red color. Different combinations and concentrations of the pigments give different rose varieties with different red hues.
Last year, a plant breeder wrote an article on the website about the attempt to breed blue roses and while editing that article I was awed by just how complex flower coloration can be.

@Salama Thank you for sharing how roses get their red color! It’s fascinating to learn how various pigments create different shades of red. The article on breeding blue roses sounds incredibly interesting and informative.

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