How do tennis players choosing their balls during the game

I’m watching the French open and the players get 4 balls before their serve and they only keep two of those balls. They bounce the balls to check which ones they want. What exactly are they checking? Anyone know?


I can answer this one! I have played a little tennis growing up and when it wasn’t my turn on the court, I would observe pros and their style. The thing about choosing balls you mentioned, this generally happens with professional players, where they do have access to pretty much an unlimited supply of balls.
As for your question, when a player takes a ball and bounces it on the court, they are checking for a number of things - like, how fuzzy it is, how well does it bounce, is it firm enough and so on. There is no hard and fast rule about this, a ball that one player discards maybe the ball that another player may use. It depends on the preference of the server what kind of a ball they want IN THAT PARTICULAR JUNCTURE of the game.
Hope that answers your question.


Oh, so they are not just being moody when they throw the balls they don’t need?

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Thank you! Man, this opens a new perspective for me. Players then have much more power to use their serve more effectively and KO their opponent.

Sad Nadal lost last night :frowning: