Just like so many Hollywood movies' villains are Russians, do Russian movies also have primary antagonists as Americans?

I have watched many movies where Russians are the bad guys, I wonder if Russians also show Americans as bad guys in their movies. Anybody watches Russian movies to comment on this?

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I had never thought about this! And now I realize I can’t name a single Russian movie I’ve seen…

I know right?!
I have seen one, though. No, I’ve seen two

I’ve watched a world war 2 Russian movie. They showed Germans as villains

Gary Oldman as a russian vilain reminds me of a catchphrase -

Which ones? Do share

Sirius Black and Venom sharing screen space

Battle of Sevastapol

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Thanks! Added to my already bloated towatch list

Be advised that both of them are war movies based on real events of world war 2

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