My car tire pressure went up WAY ABOVE the prescribed limit. Any explanations?

I recently checked the tire pressure of my car and noticed that all tires had a pressure of 50+ PSI. For perspective, for my car, the recommended tire pressure is 32-25 PSI. I had never seen this before - tire pressure going up by itself. I had seen pressure going down, though. Has anyone experienced anything like this with their automobile - the tire pressure going up instead of down, by itself?


I have seen that a few times in my car too. Did it happen during summers?

I’ve never seen tire pressure pull a stunt like that! Must be a mischievous ghost haunting your car. Maybe it’s trying to inflate your expectations along with your tires!

Haha! It’s a temperature thing, i think. Someone else pointed out that they also experienced the same thing with their tires.

It’s unusual for tire pressure to increase on its own. Consider rechecking with a different gauge and inspecting for any issues with the tire or valve that could be causing the high readings.

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Even if a car has run in scorching heat for hours on end, and the ambient temperature is high? I got to read more about increasing tire pressure in cars during summer, and it seems like it happens more frequently than people realize.