Trump looked at a solar eclipse with naked eyes. How did that happen?

This was in the news a few years ago when Trump was the US president and during a solar eclipse, he looked directly at the sun without any eye protection. I know it’s not only discouraged, it’s actually very harmful to look at the sun with naked eyes. Worst case scenario - partial blindness. I wonder how did Trump pull it off then?

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He wanted to see if he could outshine the sun.


Guess he was aiming for a “brighter” perspective on things, but ended up with a different kind of spotlight! But basically, staring straight at a solar eclipse without protection is like challenging the sun to a staring contest, and trust me, the sun always wins. Your eyes don’t have the right defenses against that intense solar glare, which can zap your retinas faster than you can say “ouch.” The term used for it is “Eclipse Blindness”.

good one!

Essentially, your eyes get damaged somewhat. I wonder if Mr Trump’s vision is alright afterr that stunt he pulled

Trump be like: the eclipse is a hoax just like climate change

I also saw a clip where he was accompanied by all masked men going somewhere during covid, but he didn’t wear a mask.

And there was a song playing in the background?