Did I just find a fossil on the beach?

So, I saw this rock at the beach, flipped it over and there was a shell’s indent inside it. Is it a fossil? Is this some other geological thing? Was it part of a coral? Not sure, but made the beach trip worth it.

I cannot identify it. Is that the entire piece? Do you have a photo which shows the entire thing?

Well, flipping rocks for hidden shell indents sounds like the start of a mysterious beach quest! Who knows, maybe you stumbled upon a fossilized shell’s secret hiding spot or a lost underwater treasure map. Keep exploring, and let us know if you uncover any more beach mysteries!

Yeah, sadly that’s the entire piece. Yeah, sadly I don’t think that’s a fossil. Some soft new rock or something…

Thanks! Yeah, the beaches are great. Except for when you don’t see the jellyfish and it stings you

If you have watched FRIENDS, there is an episode in there which claims that you can pee on a jellyfish sting and that will relieve the pain. Whenever anyone mentions jellyfish sting, I always am reminded of that episode

Yeah yeah. I’ve heard of that too