Did you know that there's a shark is older than even the USA?

Greenland sharks live for hundreds of years. They found one nearly 400 hundred years old. For context, the Constitution of the USA was signed in 1787. The shark is a whole 237 years older than that event.
They also reach sexual maturity at 150 years of age. Talk about slow living.


This Greenland shark has seen more American presidents than Greenland has ever had Starbucks

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Sharks and longevity? Huh
Never associated sharks with long lives. It was always the great old tortoise for me.


Why am I not surprised

Don’t we also have trees that have been alive for more than a thousand years?

Glass sponges to Greenland sharks: You got nothin’ on me!

Yes there are! They’re quite slow growing, similar to this shark. Seems slow is the way to go if you want to live for an eternity

Yes! The Bristlecone Pines are thousands of years old! Last fall I hiked a trail in Utah and was privileged to see 4000-year-old Bristlecone Pine trees! It was amazing! I gave one of them a hug. :slight_smile:


Wow! I think the oldest living organism I’ve seen up close is a 150-200 year old tree in our neighborhood. Such old life really puts the world into perspective

Even that’s a big deal! I only am surrounded by fairly young trees. :frowning:

4000 years old! Damn!! Are they well known? I mean, how do you know they are that old?

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I really hope the anti-aging scientists don’t decide to dissect this shark to uncover its secrets!

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I doubt they will do that - there are plenty of humans who claim they know the secret of longevity. So why bother poor plants!

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They’ve been tested. And they are protected.