Don't print / photocopy currency notes. Your printer won't do it

I recently discovered that printers worldwide are equipped with a system that detects specific markings on currency notes, and as a result, they refuse to copy or print currency notes.

Dude, it’s crazy how printers are programmed to reject printing currency notes, but with 3D printers on the scene, it’s like a whole new level of chaos brewing.

These rebel offspring of regular printers can virtually churn out anything from ordinary spare parts to intricate sculptures. So how far will governments go to maintain control over physical assets like money? Think back to the Napster days when music went digital - the industry fought tooth and nail to retain control.

Now imagine that battle, but with machines that blur the lines between physical and digital. Governments might have to get philosophical on this one - can they really control these “all-purpose makers” without stifling innovation?

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Wow, that’s fascinating! I’m going to head home and test that out on my printer/scanner.

Yes, that’s right. Actually, we’ve written an article about it on ScienceABC. You can check it out here:

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Well, there goes my plan for a DIY mint! Thanks for the heads up—guess I’ll stick to earning money the old-fashioned way.

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