How do dolphins learn to perform tricks like balancing a ball on their snout? What abilities enable them to master this skill?

I recently attended a marine show where I saw a dolphin performing an incredible trick—balancing a ball on its snout. It got me thinking about how dolphins learn to perform such complex tricks. What specific abilities and learning processes enable dolphins to master skills like this? Are there particular techniques or methods used by trainers to teach them? I’d love to understand more about the cognitive and physical capabilities of dolphins that allow them to achieve such feats.


Dolphins are superb creatures. They are also one of the smartest in aquatic animals

Undoubtedly dolphins are clever organisms. Usually their training involves reinforcements from the trainers enabling them to differentiate a desirable or undesirable behaviour. Positive reinforcements can be as simple as a whistling sound or a touch or snack treats. Although the tricks they perform are complicated, their training usually begin as several small steps that are later integrated to give a whole complex trick.

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