Is there any country that has never been to war?

I suppose every country has been to war at some point, because earlier, there were not countries but kingdoms and empires. So, I wonder, in the modern sense of the word COUNTRY, which country has not been to war for the longest time.

The question of identifying a country that has never engaged in war is complex due to the ambiguity in defining “war.” Nevertheless, Switzerland, Sweden, Vatican City, and Costa Rica have notably maintained peaceful statuses.

Among these, Switzerland’s story is particularly fascinating. Despite being surrounded by Napoleon’s Europe and later Hitler’s Germany, Switzerland has consistently maintained its neutrality and has not engaged in any large-scale conflicts for more than 200 years!

Switzerland’s unique political system, which emphasizes direct democracy and citizen-soldier culture, has contributed to its remarkable record of peace. The country’s gun ownership rate is one of the highest in the world, with over 2-3 million guns in circulation, yet Switzerland has a remarkably low crime rate. The country’s military is composed of civilian volunteers, and Switzerland’s armed neutrality policy has ensured its independence and peace.

While it’s challenging to find a country that has never been to war, Switzerland’s unique approach to defense and democracy, coupled with its long-standing commitment to neutrality, makes it a standout example of a [nation that has managed to avoid war] for an extended period.

@quantumquest is right. Switzerland has never been in any war in the last 150 years. We have written about it on Scienceabc. Here is the link: