The captcha forms you see almost everywhere were conceptualized by a British mathematician Alan Turing - the same man who helped crack the Enigma code of Germans during world war 2

Turing was persecuted by the British government as he was gay. He later committed suicide. There’s a movie based on Turing’s Enigma code endeavour called THE IMITATION GAME


I have watched that movie. What happens with Turing at the end of it all is absolutely terrible, and that’s a massive understatement :frowning:


Cumberbatch’s performance was stellar

It’s truly unfortunate that Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician who played an important role in breaking the Enigma code during WWII, faced persecution just for his sexual orientation. It’s crazy to think someone who did so much good could be treated that way.

Yet, amidst this, we find inspiration in figures like Sam Altman, the mind behind ChatGPT, a revolutionary product of OpenAI that has transformed the AI landscape, and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, one of the most trusted tech brands, who have defied prejudices and societal expectations in the tech industry by being openly gay. They’ve shattered barriers, proving that sexual orientation shouldn’t hinder success.


Thanks for sharing that. This is important.

Turing’s legacy has been treated favorably by history. His contributions will be remembered forever.

While his invention is still being used, the way he was treated, and even today, some communities are treated is inhuman