Today, we have calculated about 2.7 trillion digits of pi, but we are nowhere close to the precise value

A number of books use the fraction 22/7 as the value of pi, yet even that is simply an approximation (in fact, 22/7 is closer to the actual value of pi.


Here’s a silly question - why do we keep calculating the digits of pi when we know that it’ll never end?

We keep calculating the digits of pi because mathematicians are secretly in a competition to find the “golden” digit that will unlock a hidden treasure chest filled with infinite pizza!

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How do you come up with such witty remarks?!

The world’s GDP reaching 100 trillion dollars is a rational milestone, yet the mathematical constant pi, with its 2.7 trillion digits is irrational! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Bruh its like comparing a obedient accountant to a caffeinated mathematician

Why can’t an obedient accountant be a caffeine lover too?