What are the differences between extra soft, soft, and medium soft toothbrush bristles, and which type is best for dental health?

When I go to the market to buy a toothbrush, I notice there are several options with different bristle types such as extra soft, soft, and medium soft. What are the differences between these types of bristles, and how do they impact dental health? Should I be concerned about choosing the right one, and if so, which type is generally recommended?

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Choosing the “best” in an array like this is impossible. It all depends on the needs and expectations of the user. Extra soft bristles are for people with very sensitive gums, or people recovering from some medical procedure. Soft bristles are firmer than extra soft, but softer than medium soft. Like I said, you choose the depending on what you want the brush for - if your dentist has performed a procedure in your oral cavity, they will most likely advise you to use a brush with extra soft bristles.
I hope that helps.

So there’s extra soft, soft and medium soft. All different varieties of only Soft bristles. Interesting

Adding to @tminus, my dentist recommended I use soft bristles. According to him, medium and hard bristles can erode tooth enamel and make your teeth weaker and more prone to cavities. He also said not to brush your teeth like your scrubbing your tiles and I thought that was hilarious