Who decided that the english alphabet will be arranged the way it is? Why not in some other sequence?

It may sound like a silly question, but I wonder who and how it was decided the English letters will be arranged the way they are - a b c d … x y z?

The alphabet’s letters are arranged in the way they are because they have simply always been that way. The modern English letters that we see today have trickled down over the centuries and the basic order of the alphabet has remained relatively the same since the time of the Phoenicians, or even the North Semitics before them!

We have answered this in our article on this page: https://www.scienceabc.com/social-science/why-are-alphabet-letters-arranged-how-they-are.html

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This is an interesting article. I also learned that the letters U and V were considered a single letter until the 1600s. The letter V represented both the vowel U and the consonant V sounds. This is why the letter W is pronounced as ‘double U’, despite looking like ‘double V’.

Yes, I have read about this too. How the “double U” became W